5 Qualities that every leader must have

“Leadership is the ability to get extraordinary achievement from ordinary people.” –  Brian Tracy.

Leadership is the action of leading individuals or a group of people having the same goal and objectives. In addition, it can be found around the globe such as in homes, works, churches etc. Thus, being a leader is not an easy job to do, because the leader is guiding a bunch of people not just himself. The failure of the group is also the failure of the leader.

Here are the top 5 qualities that every leader must obtain:

First quality that a leader must obtain is to be a good follower rather than being a leader and being a good motivational speaker . The leader must know how to follow the team – means the leader must also listen to the team. Have a certain communication coming from them, and everything will just surely follow.

One of the qualities that a leader must have is leading the team with enthusiasm and passion. Show the team that you are really passionate about your responsibility as a leader. Be enthusiastic in accomplishing the objectives and also by achieving it strategically in order to have better results.

Gain the trust of their teammates or workers, without it, the group will not function well at all. However, gaining the trust of them is not easy as it requires patience. The best way to do it is to sincerely trust them so they’ll do it the same way as you do. The followers will look to you as a higher ranking officer when you completely gain their trust. That is why you, as a leader, must decisively react and make decisions quick– a way to consistently stable the trust that was given to you from the followers.

Having the right team is a must, a team that will follow you as a leader and will cooperate as well. Furthermore, monitoring the team and giving feedback is a key to have a right team because in such way the leader will know the progress of the team. Thus, do not discourage or belittle the team if they commit mistakes, instead talk and uplift them.

Lastly, learn from success, learn from failure and learn from everything you all have through. Even though it does not produce a good outcome, they deserve a compliment from you for a good job. Learn from experience and by doing it you’ll not repeat the same mistake twice. Never be afraid or ashamed to ask somebody about their opinion because, in the end, it will produce fruitful learning coming from the different ways of media, a platform of learning.

Hence, leading is not granted to everyone especially those who do not trust in their selves. Leading starts in the self of the leader because if the leader does truly know and trust the self how can he/she manage to lead other? Let this be an article of guidance on how to have such qualities to be a successful leader someday.

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